I told you to be kind and I told you to be fine

RIVER ISLAND desert boots HEMA tee F21 jeans MARKET sunglasses ROXY watch
There it is! It took a while, but promises are promises! I bought these sunnies last summer in New York, they weren't necessary actually but they do a lot for the outfit don't they? I want to go there again sooo badly. Coolest place on earth. But don't forget about my anchor tattoo, made by me with a blue ballpoint. Well, you have to do something during endless school days.. Now we're talking about school anyway, today I was free at 11.30 and tomorrow I only have to start at 12.30, and the holidays nearly start.. Can't wait! Bye dudes, have fun with whatever you'll do tonight!
SOTD: Bon Iver- Skinny Love

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