I am the rain

Sorry for not posting last week! At school we were working on a project, a musical, the past school year and this week we had shows. Sort of a modern fairytale, with a lot of princesses and two princes who turn out to be gay and more.. From Monday to Thursday I've been there all day so I really didn't have the time for blogging. Not that I had to do a lot there, I made some of the costumes and during this week all I had to do was being hairdresser and hanging out backstage. It was fun though! The atmosphere was great, I can't wait till next year! Yesterday, after the last show, there was an 'afterparty' at the theatre. The reason I put that between commas is because it doesn't really deserve the name afterparty. Boring as hell you see. But we threw our own party with some friends, at a local snack bar with a lot of milk shakes! Here some pics, all black and white because simply think a lot of things look better that way.
SOTD: Pete Doherty- I am the Rain



if life's so good why does it hurt so bad

Man, I just brought white legs to a whole new level. Let's blame the light. I think that's a wonderful idea.
Really, I tried to edit the exposure but it didn't work out, white stays white. So I just left it this way.. Maybe you better ignore it haha. I cut these shorts of myself a few days ago, went pretty good! I really like to cut and tear my own clothes, that feels so good! I also made a checkered blouse sleeveless. Ready for summer! And almost forget, I got this top from my sister, thanks sis!
SOTD: Westbound Train- Salvation

BERSHKA top ONLY shorts (cut off myself) VINTAGE headband & ring SACHA boots


do I turn around do I turn my eye

make avatar

H&M blazer VINTAGE tee BERSHKA jeans SACHA boots PRIMARK belt ROXY watch

Look at my super flashy moving pics! Haha I had to try it a million times because this computer sucks but I finally got it. It was so worth it. And that's not all, I've been also standing headbanging in my garden for an hour. But I do this all for you guys. And actually I really did enjoy it..not sure if that's normal but whatever. I say, try it at home!
SOTD: Dispatch- Railway


For some reason you caught my eye, well maybe I'll wake up and feel okay

I'm having quite a big bikini-issue. There's someyhing wrong with everyone I've seen! Triangle bikinis are just not really my thing, and ribbons on the sides of the bottoms are also really annoying. I really like the ones above, but first they're mostly too expensive and ordering one on the internet is a little risky you know.. As you see, these are all a bit fifties and I adore that a lot! The ones worn by a model are all Asos, the others Topshop. Actually the only shops where they sell nice swimwear. The search must go on..
SOTD: Blood Red Shoes- Try Harder


though I'd be the hero

What I was wearing today, with my new floral shorts and ring with ears. I'm really into rings lately, trying to build up a collection. I think you've seen all of the other items coming by already, so.. Have a look!
Yesterday I went to the park with some friends (yes, again, it seems like I live in the park doesn't it), but no matter how much I go there it was still great haha. Today nothing special, so I'm off and have a marvelous day everyone!
SOTD: White Lies- the Power & the Glory

ZARA KIDS shorts H&M blazer ONLY tee ROXY watch MARKET ring (why do my hands look so creepy and wrinkled on that photo..?)


let the sun go in my direction

VINTAGE vest MARKET cat ring & sunnies MONKI bag and tee ZARA shorts SIX owl ring
Here they are, my new buys from Amsterdam! Well, actually the shorts and owl ring aren't bought there but whatever, they are new. Sorry the pic with the rings is so damn ugly but I really couldn't get it well on photo. Enjoy your evening dudes, see you later!

why should I go your way

Hello there kiddos! Here some random inspiration pics, always nice. Yesterday I went to Amsterdam, had a very good time there and I'll show you my buys later! There were some pretty cool vintage stores and markets there, and we also went to the World Press Photo exposition or something, and after that we did some shopping. Correction, a lot of shopping..
SOTD: Black Cat Zoot- No Swingin' in your Walkin'


they told me how they fear it

Me and my sister went to the park today, we made a lot of pics which also contained a lot of crappy things.. The most of the pictures is just me because I had a disposable camera with me, there are only a few photos left on it so I can get them developed. These are all made with a digital one. The picture with sort of a black frame around it is made with a digital camera through the lense of the disposable one, it looks quite stunning I think haha. And the chair in de last picture we found in the park, there was a thrift market yesterday and some of the remaining stuff was left there, including this chair.. There were a lot of those markets in my town yesterday, because of Queens day and me and a friend visited almost every one of them, it was great fun!
SOTD: Local Natives- Wide Eyes