the truth is no big deal

Old one I didn't post yet, made with my sister a while ago. The reason I don't post a lot is because I don't have a camera here & now, and I decided to post less cool-items-I-spotted-online-but-which-I-probably-won't-buy-anyway or things like that, and also less inspiration (they moved to my tumblr) and lots and lots more own photos.. I realized I like that much more, this is my blog and it feels a lot more 'mine' that way (: Another major reason is of course that photographic is one of the things I love to do the most, I also bought an analoge compact camera and found an analoge SLR too at home. I only have to buy some films and figure out how it works yet..
SOTD: Noah and the Whale- Life Goes On


I don't know if I'm walking on solid ground

And here, the first outfit post in like five million years! Yesterday I tried one a similar dress in a shop, and realized I wear this one way too less. I bought it in sale a few months ago, for 10 euros or something. I always like clothes better when they were really cheap haha.
Last weekend I went to a music festival in my town, and I seriously had the best time there. Don't think there are pics, too bad.. Well, I'm not so sure if that's a bad thing because I usually suck at that. (look at this first pic, I look ridiculous! Don't worry, I'm all right.)
SOTD: Aloe Blacc- I need a Dollar



you can see in the future of a thousand years

Whaaa I finally decided to blog a lot more often again, and now we didn't have internet for the past 5 days! But I hope I really am back now.. I went to Arnhem last weekend, there were some pretty cool fashion exhibitions! Here are some of the photos I took, the dresses you see in the last pics are my absolute favourites. You see there's a ventilator under them and it looked so beautiful how they were moving. If you live in Holland, you should definitely go there! I'm leaving you guys now, tomorrow another exhausting long and deadly school day.. Anyway, nice evening to y'all!
SOTD: Jimi Hendrix- Can You See Me?


jailers in my mind are all dead

Hello there! I've had a little blogging break for the past 2 weeks, sorry for that. I'm now back I guess.. But I haven't been on my lazy ass! Well, maybe I was, but I got my disposable camera-photos developed and here's the result (the cool part of it). I also made a Tumblr, just with inspiration pics and that kind of stuff, just for fun. Have a look HERE!
SOTD: The Kills- Goodnight Bad Morning