here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again

You must admit that this is really cool and amazing, right? What a way to spend your days, dancing on treadmills.. But still very cool. Especially the guy in the pink shirt.

boots, snow & tests

I want shoes like this so badly! But the one on the pic is almost $1100 and unfortunately, I'm not that rich.. I'll do my best to find lookalikes. By the way, it's still freezing & even snowing right now. Brrrrrr. Well, I'm going to study now, because I have a lot of tests this week.
 ps. I hope that someone's actually reading this, haha. 



It's really freezing cold outside! I ordered this winter coat from ASOS, but the postmans aren't delivering anything the next few days.. I hope it will arrive soon!

first post yeeehh

Hi guys!
Cool you're visiting my blog! My name is Doortje, I am 13 years old and I live in the netherlands, but you can also read that in ABOUT ME ;).I know, the lay-out isn't perfect yet, does anyone know how I can make the header larger??
Hope you all enjoy it!