they told me how they fear it

Me and my sister went to the park today, we made a lot of pics which also contained a lot of crappy things.. The most of the pictures is just me because I had a disposable camera with me, there are only a few photos left on it so I can get them developed. These are all made with a digital one. The picture with sort of a black frame around it is made with a digital camera through the lense of the disposable one, it looks quite stunning I think haha. And the chair in de last picture we found in the park, there was a thrift market yesterday and some of the remaining stuff was left there, including this chair.. There were a lot of those markets in my town yesterday, because of Queens day and me and a friend visited almost every one of them, it was great fun!
SOTD: Local Natives- Wide Eyes

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  1. gorgeous shots, especially the first one, wauw!!