it's hard to stay cool

Indie rock with a cello and violin. Can't be much better, right? Discovered this while reading an old Nylon magazine, there was an interview in it. Some of you will already know it (unless no one reads this, and that is quite possible).There were no outfit post this week, which has something to do with the fact I was wearing pajamas pretty combinated with a blanket with sleeves. No, I'm not kidding. I wouldn't dare to. But I'm quite okay now so I guess there'll be one soon! Bye bye buddies (not so very much).


lots of love for us to see

Another pre-fall lookbook (from Style.com), it's 3.1 Phillip Lim. It might look like three different collections (because of the backgrounds), but it's just one stunning collection. Unfortunately, I'm still a little ill. Yeah, finally vacation and then I must be ill.. Well, it's just a flu so it will probably be over in a few days. I didn't do much more than watching Superbad (never seen? Immediately!) and watch it again.. So funny. I will show you my Christmas presents soon, and my motorcycle boots arrived! I'm so happy, man! Later friends!
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thank you daddy

I'm finally getting my motorcycle boots! Just ordered them at Sacha, as a christmas present from dad.. Thank yooouuuuuu!! They will arrive next week, so they won't be under the christmas tree. Whatever, I get them! I think they are very very cool. Can't wait, so hurry up, postman! (are you dudes jealous now??)

SOTD: Paolo Nutini- New shoes


show them your skills, dude!

BERSHKA shorts, HEMA tights, H&M tee & necklace, PRIMARK cardigan & shoes
Finally, here it is! Actually I wanted to take the pics outside but I'm a little ill and that won't make it much better, probably.. (that's also the reason my face is a little, uhh.. Blehh.) And the socks are quite silly, because they're not the same color as the tights.
I hope I'll be a little better soon. Tomorrow I have to go to school from 9.30 to 11.00, for a dance class or something. I'm a terrible dancer. But we have to go there for picking up the attests, so I can't stay home or something. Well, I guess I have to go there and show them my skills, dude! (not that I got so many dance skills. Only Just Dance 2 skills, but I don't think that counts.)
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the only good thing

(pics are my property)
The only good thing of snow is that you can make good pics.. And I thought the santa claus that was falling over all the time was too cozy not to show you dudes! I'm home alone now, but if there's someone home before dark, there'll come an outfit post. I know I've been promising for days, but really, as soon as my sis's home, I will force her to take outfit photo's. If necessary. Waahh, just stumbled and it was pretty stupid. Not even because of the snow, but just indoors, at home. Sometimes I'm such a loser.
Later, my lots and lots of faithful readers!

SOTD: Kate Nash- Birds


look outside the raincoats coming

MIROSLAVA DUMA, this kid's one of the most seen people on streetstyle blogs. Not so surprising because she has this gorgeous cool style! Sometimes very classy and chic, then a little slouchy and boyish. And, as you can see, most of the time wearing sunglasses, or when there's no sun, just glasses. I think the leather jacket with golden studs (or whatever it is..) is pretty awesome.
Today I had my paper round again, in the snow. I wore 3 pairs of socks, a legging, jeans, tee, 2 sweaters, coat, 2 pair of gloves, scarf, headset (against frozen ears) but though I was sort of a snowman when I was ready. Grr. Hope the weather will be better soon, bur probably it won't. I'm such a lucky bastard.
Well, leave you for now. Bye bye kiddos!

SOTD: Vampire Weekend- A-punk
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just some talk about streetstyle, school bags and presents

Some streetstyle-pics (not mine), just random. But I just found out that they're all wearing a shirt.. Hmm. Très mysterious. Anyway, I really want a bag like the one on the second photo. But I haven't found the perfect yet: Big enough to use it for school, with a long strap, and very important: Not too expensive! Actually I'm permanentaly money-saving (not sure if that's a word). And it's almost christmas, already bought a present for my sis. No, I'm not going to tell what cause she reads this. Possibly the only one who does. But I keep strong & going on, haha. See you later dudes (sis)!


shake it like a polaroid

I'm sorry for not posting my outfit yet, but everyday when I come home it's almost half past 4 and dark outside! I'm such a bad bad blogger. Tomorrow and the whole next week I'll be out everyday at.. I don't know actually, but very early. But it will be when there's still daylight, so I guess it will come tomorrow. Or something.
Doing nothing special the last days, just going to school and doing my homework and eating tomato soup. (No, not every day) What I said, nothing special. Bye bye guys, really have to leave now.. I wanted to put some pics with this post because otherwise it would be really boring (and it is now), but I'running out of time ;).
Okay, so you dudes can do something tonight, take a listen to this song:
Outkast- Hey Ya


it's alexaaaaa

Found this blog about Alexa Chung, with daily pics from her outfits. So you can just see what she's wearing today. I like this! This photo is a few days old, but I wanted to show you because I really like the coat. Sorry for the letters on it, couldn't find it without. and I also wanted to post my outfit today, unfortunately I just forgot and now it's already too dark outside.. And it's only five o'clock. Tomorrow it will be here, I promise!


making my way through an open door, got some love and so much more

Me and my sister went to Primark at Rotterdam today. But I forgot to bring a camera.. Stupid. I bought a lot of stuff, I'll show you them another time. I think the biggest part will be shown in outfit pics. Actually I expected cool accessories, but there wasn't one I liked.. Tomorrow's school again, I wish the holidays were starting already. Bleehh. But there's a little light at the end of the darkness: these Vans, they are so awfully cool. I bought fake Converse All Stars today, dark red. They look quite real, except the logos of course, and the best thing is.. They were only 3 euros!

Now I'm going to enjoy my chocolate cupcake and the Simpsons. Later friends!




Some of you guys will know her, Veruschka. I really think these pics are really cool, and well.. I just wanted to show them. To some she's a great inspiration, role model, style icon, whatever. I like them, the photos, but it's not that she means a lot to me or something..
Today I had a hockey match, we won, it was the last one this season. And I guess something like the first one we won. Yeah. Afterwards I went to the cinema with a friend, to a horror movie. It was really scary but we had a lot of fun, though. To the ones who reads this, thank you, kiddos! (or kiddo).


the show must go on

I'm participating 'Kunstbende', it's a contest for 13 to 18 year old. There are different categories, like Fashion, Dance, and go on (I'm doing Fashion.) The subject this year is illusion. I was thinking of this song for the show, what do you guys think?


be cool live longer

The first pre-fall 2011 collections are on style.com! These two are my favorites till now, the first one is Jason Wu and the second Reed Krakoff. Today was quite boring, and I don't feel very well. It's not as freezing as last week anymore, but still cold. Brrr.
Too bad no one's reading this. What a pity.
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we are the ones who make a brighter day

Hi dudes! Yesterday was great, cool presents, and I've got a Baljeet-painting from my sister! Yeeeehh! (for the crazy & mad who don't watch Phineas and Ferb: Baljeet Patel is a little indian geek. Very cool. Check the 'Baljeet Song' on Youtube.) And Just Dance 2 for Wii, I really love that game! No, I'm not the greatest dancer on the planet, you can say that. But I'll show you my presents another time.
Today I went to school, and I finally have a job.. Well, it's a paper round, and it doesn't earn that much, but money is money.. I want to go to Rotterdam with my sister this weekend, there's a Primark and other nice shops we haven't got in the town where I live.
At least I wanted to show you these see-through Converse All Stars, unfortunately they're not selling them in Holland yet..

I do not own any of these pictures, but I don't know where they are from..


i looked outside and everything was white

Coat- Asos/ Jeans- Forever21/ Sneakers- VansToday's outfit! Well, actually you can't see a lot of the outfit, but it's about the coat. And yeah, I've got a pretty face on the third pic, I know, thank you.. Well guys, I've got nothing to tell anymore, so I'm going to leave you for now, too bad. Later!
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after all, you know you did well

The spring/summer lookbook from H&M is online! It's very sixties, pretty colours, I love it! Can't wait till the bad weather is over. It's not snowing anymore, only dirty melted snow everywhere.. No, winter's definitely not my favorite season. Well, when it's summer I wish it's winter and now it finally is, I hate it. Just going with the seasons isn't that easy.. Tonight it's Sinterklaas (actually it's very much like christmas, but there's no tree in the living room. But there is an old guy with a beard giving presents.)
Here they come:


don't forget me, new york

I miss NY. I've been there last summer (and the summer before), and I want to go there again.. But we won't go there for a long long time, because it's expensive, and OK, I want to see more from this planet. But when I grow up I'm going to be a New Yorker! As a photographer or fashion designer (or rich it-girl doing nothing but shopping, yeah, that's a good idea) we'll see ;)
The pics are all mine, except the subway map.

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highway to being cool

That skirt is so damn cool. (I'm sorry for the fact everything is 'cool', but I like that word. Yesterday I saw a movie, and there was this kid called Cool. That was cool.) Well, back to the skirt. I found it on Face Hunter, while doing my daily blog-and-streetstyle-round.
I've got really NOTHING to do this weekend, so you can expect a lot of posts. And yeeeehh, my coat arrived! Maybe i'll post some outfit photo's later today.
see you later alligator!


cool kid

Yeah, this cool kid definitely won't die! I really like the combination T-shirt, jeans jacket and cardigan-thing.. My tests are finally over, I went shopping with my dear buddies, Nora and Camille, to celebrate it! Unfortunately, I'm (trying to) save money, so I only bought a Pieces-nailpolish. It's khaki-green and really cool. See you later dudes!

ps. I do not own any of these pics.


food for the inspiration hungry

Some cool inspiration-pics from Zinspiration, hope you like it!

anything that's other than a yes is no

 FOREVER21 jeans, ZARA jumper, CENTURY21 bag, CINDERELLA boots, ROXY watch, NEW YORKER glasses
First outfit post! I know the quality of the pics isn't really good, but it was already dark outside, and my face is a little (very) red because it's so cold.. Luckily I've got my sweater ;) My tests went quite good, two more days studying and then I will be ready. I hope you guys like it, more outfits will follow soon!

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here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again

You must admit that this is really cool and amazing, right? What a way to spend your days, dancing on treadmills.. But still very cool. Especially the guy in the pink shirt.

boots, snow & tests

I want shoes like this so badly! But the one on the pic is almost $1100 and unfortunately, I'm not that rich.. I'll do my best to find lookalikes. By the way, it's still freezing & even snowing right now. Brrrrrr. Well, I'm going to study now, because I have a lot of tests this week.
 ps. I hope that someone's actually reading this, haha. 



It's really freezing cold outside! I ordered this winter coat from ASOS, but the postmans aren't delivering anything the next few days.. I hope it will arrive soon!