let's take our precious time

I love rings, especially when they're together with some different ones. I bought this one with a lizard on it like a week ago (check the previous outfit post) and it's my mission now to build up a giant collection of the most cool rings! These are all from Topshop and ASOS, I think two-finger-rings are totally boss. I went shopping with my sis today, but I didn't buy anything but a disposable photo camera, quite fun haha. And I'm also going to quit my paper round, finally. I'm far too lazy-ass for that I guess.. I've got better things to do with my time ;) Have a marvelous day you all!
SOTD: The Maccabees- Precious time


I can see for miles and miles and miles

Just some random I-am-bored-pics, including detail shots from my new sheer Monki blouse. The desert boots are from River Island, you may have seen them in the previous outfit post, and the bag is vintage. I don't think you can see the rest of the clothes well enough haha. Okay, I'm off to bore other people instead of you my lovely readers, see you later!
SOTD: The Who- I Can see for miles


you want to be brave I had to be brave

Free like a bird, in the most beautiful landscape ever wearing some of the greatest clothes on earth.. That's how we'd all want it right? See the whole shoot here.
SOTD: The Strange Boys- Be Brave


was it ending where it should be beginning

MONKI tee H&M blazer BERSHKA shorts RIVER ISLAND desert boots VINTAGE ring ROXY watch
Wow, this took me a while. The computer has this strange mysterious troubles, it's as slow as something really really slow. But I did it! I bought these shoes yesterday when I went to Amsterdam, they rule don't they? We had a great time, I also bought this tee and ring and more which I'll show you later.
The weather's totally amazing today, spring started and it makes me so happy! My paper round seemed a lot less awful, haha. But it still sucks. Great days to you all!
SOTD: Vic Ruggiero- A Lovely Beginning


every time that you're upset and I smile

That's how a cowgirl nowadays looks! I think the way Marina Munoz wears men's clothes without looking like a dude, can get away so well with white jeans (which I actually hate, but she got me in doubt..) and just combinates anything is totally boss. I also really love her flat shoes and favourite cowboy hat, it all looks so extremely good on her.
My days now are quite boring as always, so I won't spend too long on that haha. Seeya kiddos!
SOTD: Kate Nash- Foundations
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I'm just a shot away from you

Found these great photos at Topshop online, the only bad thing is they make me even more wish it was summer.. I want to go out with bare legs and sunnies on so badly, wear flower printed things (yeah, you can wear flowers in winter too, but it's just.. They look so much better in summer!) and hang out in the park with friends.. Well, it's getting better so I hope it won't take too long! I really hate going to school again, the next holiday is in 6 weeks so I'm really looking forward to that haha. Bye bye!
SOTD: Franz Ferdinand- Take me out


It's getting darker and I know this time wasn't meant for us

H&M tee FOREVER21 jeans BERSHKA shoes SACHA sunnies
Quick outfit post, I don't know what it is but in almost every one I'm wearing these shoes.. Well, I really adore them so never mind guys. I bought the sunnies yesterday, great find: They were only 2 euros in sale! The weather's really good those days, I can finally wear short sleeves and sunglasses! Okay, the last may be a bit too much cause it's not that sunny but it gives me such a summerish feeling haha. I'm going to enjoy one of my last holiday evenings, monday I've got to go to school again..
SOTD: Shout Out Louds- Please please please
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but I'm floating away I got nothing to say

H&M jacket ZARA pants BERSHKA shoes ROXY watch
Today's outfit, including my new velvet-ish pants. I was a little out of inspiration, but someone once said: 'When in doubt, wear red.' I don't know who.. Oh wait, I'll google it.. It's Bill Blass. Never heard of. Strange. Hmm, smart guy. Thank you, you saved my wardrobe disaster!
SOTD: The Moldy Peaches- Lazy Confessions

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come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away

Acne's fall 2011 show, with ofcourse the necessary denim things, and I adore the sleeveless blazer. The one-pieces are also very very cool I think.. I'm having vacation now, which is meant to relax but I'm so bored. So, nothing to tell dudes.. See you later I guess!
SOTD: James Morrison- Let's fly
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I can tell just what you want, you don't want to be alone

Briefcases are one of this season's favourites, and in my opinion this one's the master briefcase of all I've seen. I want it, I need it, so badly.. And maybe it would help to accept the fact my fake Alexa bag got ruined when I got stuck behind a radiator and fell over it. Sometimes I'm just like mr. Bean. With the most desirable bag in the world.
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and we can see life hand in hand

Aloha! The weather's great today, I just feel so much better with the sun shining high above me, everything seems more beautiful.. Yeah, that's the way we wanna see it. I've got really nothing to do, I even made up my room and ordered my clothes on color. Hopefully, that says enough. So I decided to go out and take some pics with this amazing daylight. Here they are, hope you like it!
SOTD: Paolo Nutini- Tricks of the Trade


nice day for a drive-by shooting

Dear Freja Beha Erichsen, dear Dree Hemingway, dear Alexa Chung..
Does anyone of you like to give me that hair?
SOTD: Oh No, Oh My!- A Walk in the park