I told you to be kind and I told you to be fine

RIVER ISLAND desert boots HEMA tee F21 jeans MARKET sunglasses ROXY watch
There it is! It took a while, but promises are promises! I bought these sunnies last summer in New York, they weren't necessary actually but they do a lot for the outfit don't they? I want to go there again sooo badly. Coolest place on earth. But don't forget about my anchor tattoo, made by me with a blue ballpoint. Well, you have to do something during endless school days.. Now we're talking about school anyway, today I was free at 11.30 and tomorrow I only have to start at 12.30, and the holidays nearly start.. Can't wait! Bye dudes, have fun with whatever you'll do tonight!
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let tonight pass us by

Here's the point: I really wanted to make outfit photos today, but during my art class at school I got a little covered in paint. My clothes were totally splattered with green and blue stains.. But I did make two imaginary outfits, I hope that also counts haha. And I'm sorry for the bad quality, it didn't really went right but don't worry everything's cool now. Hope you like it!
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I've seen so much I'm going blind

                     SACHA $140/ €94,95             ACNE $540/ €370

I'm so in love with Acne's pistol boots, unfortunately they are waaaayyy to expensive for me.. I found these lookalikes from Sacha, but €95 is still a lot to me. Life's tough guys. And excuses for the lack of posts lately, tomorrow there'll be an outfit post, I promise! But I might be a bit red because I'm so damn burned by the sun.. I'm really happy with this weather, I've been outside all day and that didn't really had a positive effect on my skin color. Enough about my tomato colored face, have a marvelous day y'all!
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the measure of your worth can sink your weight in gold

Hello there! This is Binki Shapiro, from Little Joy, a très cool band you may know. If not, see below. But that's not all! She also has a great clothing style, how multi talented. And hey, when you still look good dressed next to Alexa Chung you must be a very special person right? I especially like the first outfit, the blazer, the shorts, the shoes.. In the last photo you can see her with her band, one of those guys is from the Strokes which is a great band, too. Enjoy!

Here's one of their best songs, The Next Time Around:


when the weather is high

when the weather is high
Finally it's sandal time! I'd buy them all if I could, one pair for every day of summer.. How cool would that be?! Today I've worn sandals for the first time since last summer, and although my feet are really ugly it felt great haha. The only thing still missing is the perfect pair..


cause there's nothing to dream about

Hello dudos! How are you guys doing? I found this shoot from Pull&Bear, by Txema Yeste (yeah, try to pronounce that correctly!), styled by Alberto Murta. I love the sunny lighting, I don't know what it is but I've got a thing for that. I think I'll try to make that kind of pics myself sometime.. Well, I did try it once but it didn't really work out then. Too bad, but practise makes perfect like the good old saying says. And don't forget about the hair! The braids are so damn cool, I want them so badly haha. Another challenge to keep myself busy for quite a long time..
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she loves him more

                             ZARA skirt H&M shirt & tee SACHA boots ROXY watch
There it is: My new Zara skirt! I made these pics myself again, and as you can see I have a lot of fun with myself. No seriously, I really think it's a little weird I'm laughing like that while I'm on my own. It's still quite difficult to me, making my own outfit photos haha. I made almost 100 pictures (no, not kidding) and these were the best.. Well, I had nothing better to do anyway so it didn't matter at all. Enough complained now, the sun's shining, I'm off!
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upset in this world that she's standing on

I'm enjoying the sun in my backyard right now, the weather is the best! This is today's outfit, at school I was wearing a cardigan over it but that wasn't necessary at all anymore. I've been looking for a peter pan collar dress quite a long time, I found this one a while ago in sale for only 10 euros. The boots have appeared in some more outfit posts so I guess you've seen them before. Oh, and about the weird-face-close-up-picture.. I just had to put in here, yeah dudes, I am a tiger!
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home is where I belong with you

Some inspiration pics, just random. They're not my property (wish they were), I found them on different tumblrs. Yeah they give me such a summer feeling! The weather is great, I went to the park today after school. Oh, and I don't know if anyone noticed, but I changed the layout a little bit. Different font, also in the header, and there were these ugly shadows somewhere which I finally got removed. Nothing special.. Bye guys!
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she's got the devil in her heart

Very very quick outfit post, I've got a lot of homework to do.. I hate school. Just like anyone does, but maybe even a bit worse. Wraahh.Well, back to the outfit.. You may have seen the shoes in my last look, denim blouse is one of my all time favourites. But I really have to study right now, have a great day and I guess I'll see you later!
PS. Sorry for the ugly photo and the crane in it, haha.
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I just can't forgive and forget

You might know them: The Like. Their music is amazing, their outfits even better. In the first two pics, they look really sixties which I love. The other one's a lot different but still great I think! And the tape letters on the wall might be something for my room, altough I don't think my parents would appreciate it as much as I do. I'm planning to change my room, so I will look for inspiration pics! Bye bye!
SOTD: The Like (ofcourse)- Wishing he was dead