And she spoke words that would melt in your hands

Two more favourite fall 2011 shows, the first one is Versus. I love the glitter-ish triangle-printed dresses, and the third dress is like a starry heaven. Wow. The second show is from Jil Sander, the knittings and bright colors are stunning to me. Altough I'm not really in the knittings mood, I'm getting tired of this freezing weather. Well let's say everything comes to an end one day.. Almost everything ;). Actually I should be studying right now, so that what's I'm going to do now.. Or maybe later..
SOTD: Two Door Cinema Club- Undercover Martyn
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baby I'm yours until the stars fall from the sky

baby I'm yours, and I'll be yours until the stars fall from the sky
yours until the sun no longer shines, yours until two and two is three
in other words until I die
(Arctic Monkeys- Baby I'm yours)


for a while it was nice but it's time to say bye

for a while it was nice but it's time to say bye
Summer/spring wishlist for this year, including some favourites: high-waisted jeans shorts, red striped tee, bowler hat, leather shorts.. Can't wait till summer, I'm getting quite depressed from this weather! In the end of winter I've also run a little out of winter-outfit-inspiration (not a word I guess). Next week I have test week, so I'll be studying a lot.. Yeah, great. Hope y'all having a bit of a more exciting life, I'm telling you goodbye for now! Later!
SOTD: The Strokes- Juicebox


I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known

H&M shirt, BERSHKA jeans, PETIT BATEAU jumper, ROXY watch, SACHA boots
Hello hello there! How are you guys doing? I know these pics are quite crappy, I made them myself and I guess this wasn't really my best topmodel mood. Not that I usually am that photogenic, but whatever. The shirt-with-jumper might be a little inspired by the Jason Wu show (see previous post), like I said, I love those collars. Argh, it was so freezing cold when I took these photos! It finally seemed to get a little better, but no way. Today I just went to school, did my paper round, nothing special. I HATE my paper round. I wish I was old enough to do something like a normal job, but unfortunately.. That'll still take a pretty long time. And with a normal job I mean a cool fashion-ish job, and that will take even longer. Well, I won't complain, think of all those chanceless hungry kiddies in Africa. My life is the best. Yeah. Works like sort of a meditation. Great. See you later buddies!
SOTD: Green Day- Boulevard of broken dreams
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twice as much ain't twice as good

Yeah guys, it's fashion week! Here's one of my favourite shows, from Jason Wu. I love the collars, the hair, the dotted tights.. Everything, actually. Nothing important, amazing or anything else to tell you, I've got such an interesting life. Well, I'm going to the cinema with some friends tonight. And I've got a lot to study today.. Beehh. See you later, one day in my spectacular life!
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you think you know, you don't know

Yeah guys, time for another outfit post! It's the first time I made the pics myself, so they're a little ugly.. It's not that easy, self-photographing! After tons of horrible photos I made some quite acceptable ones so here they are dudes!
SOTD: Two Door Cinema Club- Costume party

                         BERSHKA jeans & shoes H&M shirt VINTAGE tee ROXY watch


I see it in your eyes, that now you're giving up the gun

I had agreat day at Kunstbende yesterday! A bit stressful in the end, but everything went great. I became third with my fashion show! Here are the three outfits I created, hope you like it kiddos!
SOTD: Vampire Weekend- Giving up the gun (also the music for my show!)


I want to ride my bike..

These pics wanna make me drive right away on my motorcycle. Not that I have one.

I'm sorry I met you darling, I'm sorry I left you

I'm already looking for new spring-ish shoes, that might be a bit early cause it's still winter and ice cold.. Well, 'not that ice cold anymore, it's getting better. The first and last one are Vans, the second is from Keep. I'm really busy with Kunstbende, the fashion show I created is tomorrow and I'll make sure to bring some  photographers with me! That is by the way also the reason I didn't post quite a long time, and because I was a little out of inspiration. But I'm back dudes, after tomorrow I'll be bored all the time again so time enough to catch it all up. Bye bye, maybe I'm posting again later this evening. Wish me luck for tomorrow..
SOTD: The Last Shadow Puppets- Meeting place
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I can't always be playing a fool

The damn cool ADAM fashion show (spring 2011). I'm really into that 60's shift dresses lately and luckily I learned how to make them myself.. So that'll be a sumer full of different colored & printed shift dresses I guess. Some other favourites I really want to have this summer are the khaki parka, the nude blazer and that shorts. Don't forget to take a look at the shoes, they're great! No more important things happened today, this is the second post today and in the meantime I did.. Well, I watched TV, I ate, and that was it. I've got such a great life. Bye bye dudes!
SOTD: Jack Johnson- Sitting waiting wishing
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a seven nation army couldn't hold me back

Another outfit post, actually I'm wearing these clothes especially for the pics haha. I've got quite a lazy weekend, but I am working on my collection for a fashion competition. The show is next weekend so I've got one more week to go.. I'll show you guys photos from the outfits when I'm ready! Oh, and I cut my hair, but I don't know if any of you noticed ;) it's a bit shorter though, like 4 inches/10 cm.
Have a great day y'all, back to school tomorrow.. I really need vacation.
SOTD: The White Stripes- Seven nation army

BERSHKA shorts, H&M blazer, ZARA KIDS jumper, SACHA boots


there won't be long, yeah

Some quick random streetstyle pics, I think the guys in the first pic are so damn cool. And the photo with the subway on it really makes me think of New York.. I wish I was there.. There isn't much interesting going on down here these days, a lot of homework and other boring things. The Big Lebowski is on right now and it's amazingly funny, so later dudes!

SOTD: There won't be long- The Beatles