cause there's nothing to dream about

Hello dudos! How are you guys doing? I found this shoot from Pull&Bear, by Txema Yeste (yeah, try to pronounce that correctly!), styled by Alberto Murta. I love the sunny lighting, I don't know what it is but I've got a thing for that. I think I'll try to make that kind of pics myself sometime.. Well, I did try it once but it didn't really work out then. Too bad, but practise makes perfect like the good old saying says. And don't forget about the hair! The braids are so damn cool, I want them so badly haha. Another challenge to keep myself busy for quite a long time..
SOTD: Go Back to the Zoo- Beam me up

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  1. Amazing photos! Love the one of hte girl with flowers on her face, and the last ones amazing!

  2. love your fotos r they urs?? amazing vintage work!