I've seen so much I'm going blind

                     SACHA $140/ €94,95             ACNE $540/ €370

I'm so in love with Acne's pistol boots, unfortunately they are waaaayyy to expensive for me.. I found these lookalikes from Sacha, but €95 is still a lot to me. Life's tough guys. And excuses for the lack of posts lately, tomorrow there'll be an outfit post, I promise! But I might be a bit red because I'm so damn burned by the sun.. I'm really happy with this weather, I've been outside all day and that didn't really had a positive effect on my skin color. Enough about my tomato colored face, have a marvelous day y'all!
SOTD: Blur- Coffee & TV

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ze zijn echt heel leuk! Maar die van Acne zijn echt belachelijk duur!

  2. love the shoes
    love it!
    you've got a great blog, keep it up, and i'll keep coming back!


  3. love the acne ones. thanks for your comment on my blog