I'll be there waiting for you

Quick outfit post, actually it's from yesterday. I bought the pants in sale for only 15 euros and I think I'm in love with it.. A few days ago I had a party at school. Yeah, schoolparties aren't famous about the fact that they're so spectacular altough I had a lot of fun with friends. Maybe there'll be some pics somewhere, if I find them I'll show them to you guys. Not that they're that amazing..
See you later alligator!

ZARA pants & belt, H&M shoes & blazer, HEMA headband


if you love me let me go

Hi dudes! I know the last post is again a few days ago, but this time I truly really honestly have a good reason: My computer was broken and we didn't have internet for like 2 days. But I'm back ;) I also wanted to take some outfit photos the day before yesterday but my sister (who's my personal photographer) and me got into sort of a sister-fight. Not sure if that's a word. Yeah, troublestroublestroubles. The good news is that I found these pics I'd like to show you, they are in the newest US Marie Claire. I guess you can see it's Clémence Poésy who's also in Harry Potter. The skirt with sixties print in the last pic is quite stunning, I'd love to have one like that. What do you think? Bye guys!

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time ain't gonna cure you honey, time don't give a shit

I'm sorry for not posting some time, guys! I've got a lot of tests this week, and nothing really interesting to tell. But at the Topshop webshop I ran into these tees and sweaters, and they are quite cool aren't they? Unfortunately also too expensive.. They are from Ashish, the dark blue T-shirt is my personal favourite. But I wouldn't mind having them all, either. A few days ago I bought two dresses and a tee at Zara, in sale. I'm so damn happy with them! I'm always happier with great boughts that are very cheap than expensive ones, haha. I don't know what it is. Well, dinner's ready, so see you later alligator!
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it's all way different than they told us

Today's outfit, starring my topmodel cat. I really don't like going to school again, vacation's so much better.. Happy it's weekend. I'll go shopping in a few minutes with some friends, so this won't be a very long and interesting story dudes. Actually that was it. Bye bye guys!

H&M shirt, FOREVER21 jeans, SACHA boots


I never thought I'd miss you half as much as I do

Hopelessly looking for loafers, but can't find them anywhere.. Here on Kirsten Dunst, I prefer brown ones. Already seen them sometimes in thrift stores, but they are usually quite small. And my feet aren't. Wow, this photo is really crap quality. Never mind, dudes..
Well, school started again and I can tell I wish the next holiday started. Bleehh.


you try to hit me just to hurt me

Another great collection, Vera Wang this time. Perfect example for an all-black-but-not-boring-collection. Which is definitely not a word. Tomorrow I have to go to school again, holiday's over.. Bleeh. I think the long-promised outfit post will come tomorrow, so you all will be very very thrilled now I guess. Bye bye guys!
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you feel the heat, oh yeah it burns

Great new collections at ASOS! Very american with fifties dresses, college jackets and these gorgeous shoes-with-socks.. I really think it's just driving me bananas how cool this is. Look at that denim dress! That leather college bag! The jackets! Awesome. By the way, sorry guys for not posting a little time but there was really nothing interesting to entertain you or something. Also during holidays I usually do not spend any time on wearing cool clothes.. I'm such a bad bad fashion blogger. Well, I did A LOT of mario kart and just dance so hopefully that sounds as a good excuse to you ;) see you later dudies!

SOTD: Asteroids galaxy tour- Around the bend
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all my mistakes were made for you

 Hope y'all had a great NYE. Well, I'm still/again ill (for ten days now). I really hate this, can't do anything because my head is exploding. I'm so damn bored dude! I can see all my fantastic holiday plans failing..
 SOTD: My mistakes were made for you- The Last Shadow Puppets