For some reason you caught my eye, well maybe I'll wake up and feel okay

I'm having quite a big bikini-issue. There's someyhing wrong with everyone I've seen! Triangle bikinis are just not really my thing, and ribbons on the sides of the bottoms are also really annoying. I really like the ones above, but first they're mostly too expensive and ordering one on the internet is a little risky you know.. As you see, these are all a bit fifties and I adore that a lot! The ones worn by a model are all Asos, the others Topshop. Actually the only shops where they sell nice swimwear. The search must go on..
SOTD: Blood Red Shoes- Try Harder

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  1. thanks :) It's from H&M I saw it in the sale section. It just coast 5€ so I think I'm gonna buy it tomorrow :D

  2. The ASOS bikini's are beautiful!