though I'd be the hero

What I was wearing today, with my new floral shorts and ring with ears. I'm really into rings lately, trying to build up a collection. I think you've seen all of the other items coming by already, so.. Have a look!
Yesterday I went to the park with some friends (yes, again, it seems like I live in the park doesn't it), but no matter how much I go there it was still great haha. Today nothing special, so I'm off and have a marvelous day everyone!
SOTD: White Lies- the Power & the Glory

ZARA KIDS shorts H&M blazer ONLY tee ROXY watch MARKET ring (why do my hands look so creepy and wrinkled on that photo..?)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. those floral denim shorts are total radness.
    thanks for your lovable comments, dear.


  2. Leuke outfit ! Die short is echt suuuuuper mooi !

  3. That ring is so cute!


  4. Nice short! Loves lizette