I am the rain

Sorry for not posting last week! At school we were working on a project, a musical, the past school year and this week we had shows. Sort of a modern fairytale, with a lot of princesses and two princes who turn out to be gay and more.. From Monday to Thursday I've been there all day so I really didn't have the time for blogging. Not that I had to do a lot there, I made some of the costumes and during this week all I had to do was being hairdresser and hanging out backstage. It was fun though! The atmosphere was great, I can't wait till next year! Yesterday, after the last show, there was an 'afterparty' at the theatre. The reason I put that between commas is because it doesn't really deserve the name afterparty. Boring as hell you see. But we threw our own party with some friends, at a local snack bar with a lot of milk shakes! Here some pics, all black and white because simply think a lot of things look better that way.
SOTD: Pete Doherty- I am the Rain

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  1. love these photos! black and white photography is wonderful and so elegant! =)


  2. Oh my goodness, that dress is so beautiful! <3 I love the fabric!


  3. If I don't get those Balenciaga boots soon I'm gonna be VERY upset!!!


    Check out my work blog too!


  4. Aww such lovely photos of Paul and John - I LOVE the Beatles :)