show them your skills, dude!

BERSHKA shorts, HEMA tights, H&M tee & necklace, PRIMARK cardigan & shoes
Finally, here it is! Actually I wanted to take the pics outside but I'm a little ill and that won't make it much better, probably.. (that's also the reason my face is a little, uhh.. Blehh.) And the socks are quite silly, because they're not the same color as the tights.
I hope I'll be a little better soon. Tomorrow I have to go to school from 9.30 to 11.00, for a dance class or something. I'm a terrible dancer. But we have to go there for picking up the attests, so I can't stay home or something. Well, I guess I have to go there and show them my skills, dude! (not that I got so many dance skills. Only Just Dance 2 skills, but I don't think that counts.)
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