look outside the raincoats coming

MIROSLAVA DUMA, this kid's one of the most seen people on streetstyle blogs. Not so surprising because she has this gorgeous cool style! Sometimes very classy and chic, then a little slouchy and boyish. And, as you can see, most of the time wearing sunglasses, or when there's no sun, just glasses. I think the leather jacket with golden studs (or whatever it is..) is pretty awesome.
Today I had my paper round again, in the snow. I wore 3 pairs of socks, a legging, jeans, tee, 2 sweaters, coat, 2 pair of gloves, scarf, headset (against frozen ears) but though I was sort of a snowman when I was ready. Grr. Hope the weather will be better soon, bur probably it won't. I'm such a lucky bastard.
Well, leave you for now. Bye bye kiddos!

SOTD: Vampire Weekend- A-punk
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