I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known

H&M shirt, BERSHKA jeans, PETIT BATEAU jumper, ROXY watch, SACHA boots
Hello hello there! How are you guys doing? I know these pics are quite crappy, I made them myself and I guess this wasn't really my best topmodel mood. Not that I usually am that photogenic, but whatever. The shirt-with-jumper might be a little inspired by the Jason Wu show (see previous post), like I said, I love those collars. Argh, it was so freezing cold when I took these photos! It finally seemed to get a little better, but no way. Today I just went to school, did my paper round, nothing special. I HATE my paper round. I wish I was old enough to do something like a normal job, but unfortunately.. That'll still take a pretty long time. And with a normal job I mean a cool fashion-ish job, and that will take even longer. Well, I won't complain, think of all those chanceless hungry kiddies in Africa. My life is the best. Yeah. Works like sort of a meditation. Great. See you later buddies!
SOTD: Green Day- Boulevard of broken dreams
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