Here some buys from Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and also from a thrift store where I went yesterday. And oh, also some things I bought the past weeks in sale haha. Sorry for the crappy pics.. I don't know what's wrong with my camera but this definitely doesn't look good. Or there could also be something wrong with the computer.. I wish I was a little more technical so I could fix this and feel satisfied. Too bad. Well, I hope you can enjoy this anyway! Bye byeeee

 Vintage scarfs
 Self made skirt, vintage shirt ( I think I'm going to cut off the sleeves, what do you guys think?)
 Primark shoes, outlet sandals
 Primark top and earrings, H&M belt
 River Island dress, H&M tee
 Primark vest
H&M maxi dress, vintage hat (it's actually dark green..)

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  1. Wat een leuke dingen! Vooral de primark schoentjes en de madelief-oorbellen, erg leuk!