the truth is no big deal

Old one I didn't post yet, made with my sister a while ago. The reason I don't post a lot is because I don't have a camera here & now, and I decided to post less cool-items-I-spotted-online-but-which-I-probably-won't-buy-anyway or things like that, and also less inspiration (they moved to my tumblr) and lots and lots more own photos.. I realized I like that much more, this is my blog and it feels a lot more 'mine' that way (: Another major reason is of course that photographic is one of the things I love to do the most, I also bought an analoge compact camera and found an analoge SLR too at home. I only have to buy some films and figure out how it works yet..
SOTD: Noah and the Whale- Life Goes On

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  1. i love this! its creative :) and it made me smile. high five to you!

    the style projects