if you love me let me go

Hi dudes! I know the last post is again a few days ago, but this time I truly really honestly have a good reason: My computer was broken and we didn't have internet for like 2 days. But I'm back ;) I also wanted to take some outfit photos the day before yesterday but my sister (who's my personal photographer) and me got into sort of a sister-fight. Not sure if that's a word. Yeah, troublestroublestroubles. The good news is that I found these pics I'd like to show you, they are in the newest US Marie Claire. I guess you can see it's Clémence Poésy who's also in Harry Potter. The skirt with sixties print in the last pic is quite stunning, I'd love to have one like that. What do you think? Bye guys!

SOTD: The Wombats- Tokyo

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